Wednesday November 8, 2000

11/08/00 2002 Days Inn, Crystal City : Well, I've got the laptop connectivity up and running, and if you can read this, posting is working. Had to get a new user name and access code from my providor in Portland, was not able to get through.

The Flight from Portland to Cincinnati was pretty damn crowded, so crowded I managed to wear some coke. When I hit Cincinnati for my layover, the pressure kicked me into a good little migraine, and out of all the damn things I should never forget.... you guessed it... tylenol+.

The flight from Cincinnati to DC was a shorter distance but seemed like a much longer flight. I have made contact over the phone with Jon Hohnson, and each time I woke him up.  If he doesn't fall asleep again, I might meet up with him later tonight.

Jon Johnson came by late and we went for a drink, and a drive around DC.


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