John Cameron (Swazy)




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Delta 1/5

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Ops Trblsshooter

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Tell me about the time you found out you're going to Vietnam up to the time you left for Vietnam.

Lot of parties with my peers and goodbyes to my loved ones

Tell me something about your time in Vietnam.

No @&%#$&% pizza and no @#%&%# mattresses and no exercising my over active

Tell me about your first few days back in the USA

Shipped to Chelsea Naval Hospital and left through side door and down the
fire escape. It was only 7 miles from my home and loved ones. Left in my
pajamas and returned same route in morning.....then a few days stationed in
Boston before they gave me an early release to go back to high school and do
my senior year over.....graduated class of 71. That was a trip!

Tell me about you today, and how Vietnam has influenced what you do and how you live today..

Finally matured around 1983 and decided to live my life the best that I
could and earn the sacrifice that motivates my survivor guilt.

Give me a 1 or 2 liner about anything you want to say.

Can hardly wait to get home and have my Father wrap His arms around me
and tell me everything is okay now.....and see all those who I miss......but
I'll never quit or take any shortcuts to Him.....I'll play my hand to the
end. No promises but I'll do my best.


Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away


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