Larry V Chmiel




Year(s) in Nam:


Delta 1/5

Contact Info Available?:



KIA 06/02/67

Lt. Larry Chmiel,
I remember when we first met and he said he needed me to bring him up to speed
on what being in Vietnam was like, since I've already been 'in-country' for
approximately 9-mos. I remember telling him that going to the 'bush' was
different every time we went out on an operation or patrol, ambush whatever.
Sometimes we'd receive sniper fire and sometimes we made no contact
what-so-ever, ...just a stroll through in the 'boonies'. However, I did say
because ever situation was different to always stay alert because you never
know when the shit will hit the fan. My respect for LT was of the highest
order, Larry being a mustang (he was an enlisted corporal and was accepted to
West Point and his graduation present was an all expense paid trip to Southeast
Asia by 'Uncle' Sam.)



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