David L Dixon




Year(s) in Nam:


Delta 1/5

Contact Info Available?:



KIA 06/02/67

What haunts
me to this day was the fact that he told me prior to going out on Union I that
he had a bad feeling about this operation and that he wasn't expecting to live
through it. At that time I really didn't pay much attention to his words; but,
when I learned of his death it hit home. He was a very easy going type of guy
and although he had the years in and could be termed a' lifer', he didn't
really fit that into that category. I also remember when he first came to
Delta, he told me to make sure the primers of my .45 magazines were
inboard (facing each other) in the magazine pouch. Coincident or not, not long
after he gave me these words of wisdom, we were out on combined company
sweep/county fair or whatever, but I was hit with small arms round on my
magazine pouch which only ripped one of the magazines apart and imbedded it into
the canvass pouch (I wasn't even scratched by it) however, SSGT. Dixon's words
of wisdom save me from having my hip blown off with my own .45 magazine. The
only 'pisser' out of it all, was that I had a signed letter from the CO (Capt.
Carty ?) authorizing this as a souvenir for me, ...which was taken out of my
sea bag prior to it arriving at Phila. Naval Hosp.



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