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Delta 1/5

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Tell me about the time you found out you're going to Vietnam up to the time you left for Vietnam.

There were Hoods and there were Clicks, I was a hood back in 64,65,66...a bad
ass....... tough guy, pointed Italian shoes, black pants, black shirt, greasy
hair , smoked luckys, I was hill trash......I beat up a cop that used to beat
us, it was the military or jail....I joined the Marines at 17, forged my
mom's signature, wanted to go to Vietnam to show everybody how tuff I was , I
was a real West Conshy bad ass......till I got to HUE CITY.

Tell me something about your time in Vietnam.

When I got to NAM, I just could not believe that the Great United States
Marines, could be getting their ass kicked so bad !...... they told us we
wouldn't even see them and they wore black pajamas and straw hats, well I
don't know who them guys were fighting, but these guys we were up against
were hard core bad ass NVA, with fatigues, helmets, and better weapons than
we had, and they knew what they were doing.
It wasn't a matter of if you got hit, It was just a
question of when, It seemed to me that the men doing the planning didn't seem
to care that we were doing the dying, they talked it, we fought it . I
couldn't rely on my leaders or my weapon, the one's that fought and died
with me were my only true , for real friend's that could be trusted, You
knew in the bush , who would stay next to you and you knew the guy's that
would haul ass and leave you. the always , always sinking terrified feeling
I had was , hey , where is everybody, I mean, they'd send out a platoon of
guys, maybe, 30,35 guys and the place is crawling with bad guys, they were
everywhere, are ass was surrounded, Delta co. , no matter where we went,
seemed to walk into trouble all the time.
To die for a real cause , I don't know,. but to die for nothing,
absolutely nothing, such a waste ,and the way they'd died, my God , If there
is a God, help them, it was horrible, I will go to my grave seeing their
faces, hearing their screams.

Tell me about your first few days back in the USA

Got off the plane in Philly , took of my neck brace and leg brace , threw
them in the trash can, pushed a Harry Krishna guy out of my face. my old man
picked me up, he had been in WW2 , he shook my hand and looked deep into my
eyes , he knew I had been to the other side . My Mom had a nice banner hung
for me, it was real nice, I went to find my old buddies, but it wasn't the
same , I went in the bars that would serve me, only 19, so I would sit in the
back and enjoy myself.......finally, Tom Brown , my main guy from the Nam
came to visit, he was hit on October 26, it was his 3rd heart so he to got
out and him got drunk and have been together ever since, he's
from Tennessee.

Tell me about you today, and how Vietnam has influenced what you do and how you live today..

As crazy as I was after NAM , I worked. never stopped, 60,70 hrs a
week, sometimes 2 jobs.....finally after 25 years of hard drinking, hell
raising and just plain being an ass, I finally got a nice home and found a
good woman. I was forced to retire from work because of my head injury from
NAM, the VA gave me 100 % and I now stay at home, I have become a recluse,
Happy to be left alone. I have finally come to terms with the way things
went in Vietnam, only because of this web site. I love my country, but not
the so called leaders that run it. I really enjoy everyday, hell, what have I
got to moan about, there isn't anybody shooting at me, life's a piece of cake. 
now that I have found the guys from NAM, real men that know what being alive
means, life is even better. I've got no complaints, I'm a happy man.

Give me a 1 or 2 liner about anything you want to say.

I LOVE MY COUNTRY............... but I hate the used car
salesman that run it .
the silly civilians that wouldn't know a bad day if it bit them on the ass ,
can kiss my ass.
I am proud to have served with the bravest bunch of guys I will ever know in
my life, and I cry inside for the good men we lost, they will be honored in
my heart till my last breath.
Do you remember Somalia.........I watched it on TV , that screwed me up for
years, I wrote something about it.



Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away


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