Michael David Millican

Wenatchee, Washington

March 20, 2013

Age Military Rank Unit/Location
  Navy SK2 Ret


 1966-1968 - Vietnam, Swiftboats, 
1981-1997 - US Navy Reserve / Active Duty, Storekeeper, Recruiter

Michael was the first-born son of Albert Gregory and Arlene Hazel Lippert Millican of Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. 

His baptismal name was "Patrick" and he would often write his full name as Michael David Patrick Millican. 

A veteran of the Vietnam war having served on swiftboats of Coastal Task Force 115 and participated in Operation Game Warden and Operation Market Time, Michael saw heavy action during his service in Vietnam, cited for bravery and being wounded in action (Bronze Star with a "V" and Purple Heart) though he declined to submit his papers for his awards for personal reasons. 

Later, he re-enlisted and retired from the US Navy Reserves as a Storekeeper 2nd Class with most of his time spent on active duty later as a recruiter during Operation Desert Storm.

An avid Boy Scouter, Michael helped build Cascade Pacific Council's (Formerly Columbia Pacific Council) Pack 133 as a Cubmaster and as a Denleader of Den 1 (The Oregon City Ducks) and later as a Scoutmaster of Troop 140 building it into a very successful troop that continues 20+ years later through Saint John's Church in Oregon City via the Knights of Columbus.

An active member of the motorcycle group Combat Veterans International, Michael was a charter member, president and founder of several different chapters during his service with them in Washington. It was here that he picked up his nickname "Sailor" that he was known to so many by through the rest of his life.

Michael enjoyed tooling around in his garage on anything from metalsmithing, woodworking to stained glass crafts and rainy days would often find him in his garage working on some new project, from creating ways to organize his tools to improving some household gadget.

One of his favorite sayings in life was "Improvise, adapt and overcome" and threatening to "rip your lips off" to his scouts when they got out of line. He also enjoyed telling stories to see how much he could fool someone with a story that sounded plausible but was actually a joke because he enjoyed laughing whenever he could. 

He passed away at the hospital in Wenatchee, Washington after finally retiring to Soap Lake, Washington for the last five months of his life. 

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May 10, 2013

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