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10 Ways to Recognize Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

After a loss, it is normal to go through a natural grieving process. Sometimes, however, after a tragedy, such as a sudden traumatic event, feelings of loss surface several weeks or months after the tragedy occurred. This is called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Recognizing these symptoms in yourself or others is the first step toward recovery and finding appropriate treatment.

1) Re-experiencing the event through vivid memories or flash backs 
2) Feeling “emotionally numb” 
3) Feeling overwhelmed by what would normally be considered everyday situations and diminished interest in .....performing normal tasks or pursuing usual interests 
4) Crying uncontrollably 
5) Isolating oneself from family and friends and avoiding social situations 
6) Relying increasingly on alcohol or drugs to get through the day 
7) Feeling extremely moody, irritable, angry, suspicious or frightened 
8) Having difficulty falling or staying asleep, sleeping too much and experiencing nightmares 
9) Feeling guilty about surviving the event or being unable to solve the problem, change the event or prevent the .....disaster 
10) Feeling fears and sense of doom about the future 

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