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Tell me about the time you found out you're going to Vietnam up to the time you left for Vietnam.

I knew I was going when I
enlisted to go to OCS. That's why I enlisted. However, a strange thing
happened. Most of us that were 03's(infantry) got orders immediately to Viet
Nam after completion of The Basic School at Quantico. I didn't. My orders
sent me to 2nd Mar. Div. at Camp Lejeune, whereupon I was immediately
re-assigned to a training company at Camp Geiger. That was ITR (where all
Marines were sent after completion of boot camp at Parris Island). I was the
xo of a training company. I was training these young guys from boot camp,
knowing that all of the 0311's were going straight to Viet Nam after a 30 day
leave. I did not like this, so I called up Head Quarters Marine Corps and
requested orders to Viet Nam. Most things don't happen fast in the service,
but they did this time. I got my orders in two weeks. I arrived in mid Nov.
68, about 4 months later than I would have going straight from Basic School.

Tell me something about your time in Vietnam.

There a lot to tell so its hard to isolate on one
thing---Certain things like smells never leave you, the smell of blood,
cordite, the sound of illumination coming down, the sound of Spooky firing
6,000 rounds a minute from his mini-guns, an f-4 firing his 20mm cannons over
your head while he's 100 feet off the deck, the kerplunk of bomb fragments
hitting the ground all around you from a 500 lb bomb dropped too close, and
of course the sounds coming from one of your men when you know he is hit real
bad and wants you to tell him he's going to be ok, and you... pray that he
will, but you know he isn't. I could go on---but I'm sure you want brevity. 

Tell me about you today, and how Vietnam has influenced what you do and how you live today..

Me today and Viet Nam influenced--- I have never
done anything as important or made me feel proud of what I have done as when
I served as an infantry plt cmdr and co, cmdr in Viet Nam. I believe in my
heart that their are Marines alive today because of my actions in Viet
Nam (more so as a result of my time as a company cmdr, than as a platoon cmdr.
because I had greater lee way as to what we did). My experience in Viet Nam
has given me a sense over all these years that nothing can hurt me now no
matter how bad things get, because I've already taken the devil's best shot,
and spit in his eye.


Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away


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