George Sirois




Year(s) in Nam:



Delta 1/5

Contact Info Available?:



Tell me about the time you found out you're going to Vietnam up to the time you left for Vietnam.

Had just proposed to my future wife. Cancelled wedding plans to see if I would return. I Did

Tell me something about your time in Vietnam.

Three months machine gun squad leader, remainder attached to a PSY OPS team in northern I Corp

Tell me about your first few days back in the USA

Went home then went to PA to see my wife to be.

Tell me about you today, and how Vietnam has influenced what you do and how you live today..

Construction supervisor, I look at Viet Nam as a piece of my life, some good and allot of bad.

Give me a 1 or 2 liner about anything you want to say.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your trip to desi land. Maybe I will be able to make it next year.


Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away


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