Selwyn Taitt (SMan)




Year(s) in Nam:


Delta 1/5

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Status Unknown

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Tell me about the time you found out you're going to Vietnam up to the time you left for Vietnam.

I was 17 when I received my order for Vietnam. I was stationed at HQMC 1st Guard Plt. in Washington DC. Then I was ordered to 2nd Guard Plt at the Navy Communications Station in Arlington VA in 1967 The first thing I did when I found out was call my mother, telling her I was going off to war. I remember that night getting drunk.
I left the world on September 6, 1967. When I got to Vietnam I was flown to Que Son Valley where I was assigned to Delta 1/5 1st Plt. 1st Sqd.. I was wounded on my 4th month in country.

Tell me about your first few days back in the USA

I didn't like it when I returned home. People kept talking about all the bad things we did in Vietnam

Tell me about you today, and how Vietnam has influenced what you do and how you live today..

Vietnam left me physically pretty messed up and I have to continue suffering today. After 32 years I finally received my Silver Star in November-2000 and it made me feel real good to be together with brothers I haven't seen in a long time, thanks to Q and the website.


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