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Ho Chi Minh Creates Provisional Government

British Forces Land in Saigon, Return Authority to French

First American Dies in Vietnam


French and Vietminh Reach Accord

Negotiations Between French and Vietminh Breakdown

Indochina War Begins


Vietminh Move North of Hanoi

Valluy Fails to Defeat Vietminh

Elysee Agreement Signed

Chinese, Soviets Offer Weapons to Vietminh

US Pledges $15M to Aid French


France Grants Laos Full Independence

Vietminh Forces Push into Laos


Battle of Dienbienphu Begins

Eisenhower Cites "Domino Theory" Regarding Southeast Asia

French Defeated at Dien Bien Phu

Geneva Convention Begins

Geneva Convention Agreements Announced


Diem Rejects Conditions of Geneva Accords, Refuses to Participate in Nationwide Elections

China and Soviet Union Pledge Additional Financial Support to Hanoi

Diem Urged to Negotiate with North

Diem Becomes President of Republic of Vietnam


French Leave Vietnam

US Training South Vietnamese


Communist Insurgency into South Vietnam

Terrorist Bombings Rock Saigon


Weapons Moving Along Ho Chi Minh Trail

US Servicemen Killed in Guerilla Attack

Diem Orders Crackdown on Communists, Dissidents


North Vietnam Imposes Universal Military Conscription

Kennedy Elected President

Diem Survives Coup Attempt

Vietcong Formed


Battle of Kienhoa Province

Vice President Johnson Tours Saigon


US Military Employs Agent Orange

Diem Palace Bombed in Coup Attempt

Mansfield Voices Doubt on Vietnam Policy


Battle of Ap Bac

President Kennedy Assassinated in Dallas

Buddhists Protest Against Diem

Diem Overthrown, Murdered


General Nguyen Khanh Seizes Power in Saigon

Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Debate on Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Vietcong Attack Bienhoa Air Base

LBJ Defeats Goldwater


Operation "Rolling Thunder" Deployed

Marines Arrive at Danang

Heavy Fighting at Ia Drang Valley

US Troop Levels Top 200,000

Vietnam "Teach-In" Broadcast to Nation's Universities


B-52s Bomb North Vietnam

South Vietnam Government Troops Take Hue and Danang

LBJ Meets With South Vietnamese Leaders

Veterans Stage Anti-War Rally

CORE Cites "Burden On Minorities and Poor" in Vietnam


Operation Cedar Falls Begins

Bunker Replaces Cabot Lodge as South Vietnam Ambassador

Martin Luther King Speaks Out Against War

Dow Recruiters Driven From Wisconsin Campus

McNamara Calls Bombing Ineffective


Sihanouk Allows Pursuit of Vietcong into Cambodia

North Vietnamese Launch Tet Offensive

Battle for Hue

Westmoreland Requests 206,000 More Troops

My Lai Massacre

LBJ Announces He Won't Run

MLK Slain in Memphis

Paris Peace Talks Begin

Robert Kennedy Assassinated

Upheaval at Democratic Convention in Chicago

Richard Nixon Elected President


Nixon Begins Secret Bombing of Cambodia

Policy of "Vietnamization" Announced

Ho Chi Minh Dies at Age 79

News of My Lai Massacre Reaches US

Massive Antiwar Demonstration in DC


Sihanouk Ousted in Cambodia

Kent State Incident

Kissinger and Le Duc Begin Secret Talks

Number of US Troops Falls to 280K


Lt. Calley Convicted of Murder

Pentagon Papers Published

Nixon Announces Plans to Visit China

Thieu Re-elected in South Vietnam


Nixon Cuts Troop Levels by 70K

Secret Peace Talks Revealed

B-52s Bomb Hanoi and Haiphong

Break-In at Watergate Hotel

Kissinger Says "Peace Is At Hand"

Nixon Wins Reelection


Cease-fire Signed in Paris

End of Draft Announced

Last American Troops Leave Vietnam

Hearings on Secret Bombings Begin

Kissinger and Le Duc Tho Win Peace Prize


Thieu Announces Renewal of War

Report Cites Damage to Vietnam Ecology

Communists Take Mekong Delta Territory

Nixon Resigns

Communists Plan Major Offensive


Communist Forces Capture Phuoc Long Province

Hue Falls to Communists

Communists Take Aim at Saigon

Ford Calls Vietnam War "Finished

Last Americans Evacuate as Saigon Falls to Communists

1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980

Pham Van Dong Heads Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Jimmy Carter Elected US President

Carter Issues Pardon to Draft Evaders

Vietnam Granted Admission to United Nations

Relations Between Vietnam and China Deteriorate

Vietnam Invades Cambodia

"Boat People" Flee Vietnam

China Invades,Withdraws from, Vietnam

US GAO Issues Report on Agent Orange

Ronald Reagan Elected US President

181, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985

Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC Dedicated

Reagan Promises to Make MIAs "Highest National Priority"

Dow Chemical Knowledge of Dioxin Revealed

"Unknown Soldier" of Vietnam War Laid to Rest

US Offers Asylum to Vietnamese Political Prisoners

Vietnamese Forces Defeat Khmer Rouge Rebels

1986, 1987, 1988, 1990

George Bush Elected US President

Vietnamese Troops Leave Cambodia

1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

Bill Clinton Elected US President

Washington Restores Diplomatic Ties with Hanoi (1995)

McNamara Calls Vietnam Policy "Wrong, Terribly Wrong"

US and Vietnam Exchange Ambassadors


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