Edward J Hanson




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CM1DV Coast Guard

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Died February 25, 2006

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March 3, 2006

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Funeral Service 03/02/06

Memorial Service 03/03/06

He was asked to dive on a project with Jauques Custeau in 1964 off the coast of France and turned it down . Then the friction in Vietnam was heating up. He was one of the first fifty Coast Guard men in the Vietnam War. He volunteered to go the week before the war officially broke out. My mother was very upset that he volunteered. He told me years later, that he owed nobody and explanation for his choice, it was his patriotic duty, and he needed to do it. He was a world class diver. His main job was to move underwater makers in the river so the Viet Cong would miss their marks when they targeted the American boats traveling up river. I have some pictures of him in the war that are in the slideshow, and I will send them to you. 
He joined the State Patrol in 1967.
Hand picked for the Organized Crime Intelligence Unit in 1974.
Posed as a New Jersey Mob boss, part of a biker gang, worked some really big cases. On the original Green River Task Force.
Retired St. Patrol 1981

Started and headed AEGIS/FORENSIC DATA.1981
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